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BRAND NEW! New Pig UK 2013 Pigalog® and exclusive promo


New Pig UK’s 2013 Pigalog® has just landed on our desks and we are thrilled to share it with you. This year’s catalogue is packed with new 2013 products and a fun PIG® promo to collect. The 2013 Pigalog® showcases our new company branding … [Read more...]

Planning and preparing for outdoor spill response

outdoorspills03FI small

It is important to prepare your facility to protect the environment from outdoor spills. This can be achieved with careful planning and by having the correct spill equipment in place to limit and control spills outdoors.The steps below will help … [Read more...]

5 factors to consider when preparing for outdoor spill response


Outdoor spills have more potential to reach the environment and cause pollution, so it’s important to be prepared to respond quickly. Spills can be more difficult to manage and a number of outdoor factors can affect spill response. Consider the … [Read more...]

Colour coded spill kits ensure fast, safe spill response


When a liquid spill occurs spill kits will help to ensure fast, safe spill response. However, selecting the wrong type of spill kit could result in worker injuries and damage to the environment.  At a time when speed is critical, it’s important … [Read more...]

3 tips on choosing the right drain cover for your spill kit


We looked at the dangers of choosing a spill kit that includes a drain cover in our previous blog article This highlighted the importance of considering your specific requirements before choosing a drain cover. These three tips … [Read more...]

The dangers of choosing a spill kit that includes a drain cover


When a spill happens, protecting your workers and the environment should be your first priority. Having the right spill equipment in place will ensure fast spill response is achieved to prevent slips & falls and environmental pollution.  Spill … [Read more...]

Tips on choosing the right PPE for your spill kit


Previously we looked at the dangers of choosing a spill kit that includes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), highlighting the importance of selecting your own PPE based on your specific requirements. Several factors need to be … [Read more...]

The dangers of choosing a spill kit that includes standardised PPE


To ensure workers are protected during spill response Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needs to be provided that fits each individual responder and their specific application. Including PPE in a spill kit is often viewed by some suppliers as an … [Read more...]

Arm your outdoor spill kits with the weapons needed for outdoor storage


Before choosing an outdoor spill kit it is important to determine whether it will be stored outdoors. If this is the case then you will want to ensure your absorbents are protected by choosing a spill kit that is able to withstand different outdoor … [Read more...]

Spill Kits and how to select the right one for your outdoor needs


If you are storing or working with liquids outdoors it is inevitable that liquid spills will happen. The last thing you want is to cause damage to the environment by not having the correct spill equipment available for outdoor spill cleanup. Spill … [Read more...]

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