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Don’t take the chance when responding to an unknown chemical spillage

Chem Spill Feat

Chemical spillages, no matter what size, need to be treated seriously due to the risks posed to workers, the environment and surrounding residents. As part of your initial risk assessment it’s important to identify all chemicals stored and used on … [Read more...]

3 tips on choosing the right absorbent mat for your facility


New Pig UK have invented an absorbent mat to fit every application. It all started back in 1986 with the creation of the first PIG® Mat, since then New Pig UK’s dedication to innovation has led to the production of the most extensive range of … [Read more...]

PIG® Grippy® Absorbent Mat – The story behind the innovative New Pig UK solution


At New Pig UK, a common problem customers told us about was absorbent mats bunching and sliding underfoot in workplaces. Customers used tapes, weights and trays to keep absorbent mats in place to prevent slips and falls. Our research team also saw … [Read more...]

Where will you stick the PIG® Grippy® TRAFFIC MAT® Rug?


It’s new and exclusive to New Pig UK. PIG® Grippy® Mat is the revolutionary absorbent mat that stays put no matter what™. Made for action and built for traction, the PIG® Grippy® Mat is the latest product from New Pig’s absorbatory. Catch … [Read more...]

PIG® Absorbent Mat has the Mat Factor when it comes to protecting the environment.


Like all the Piggers at Hogs Hill, you’ve probably been pulled into The X Factor this year. Putting our own spin on this popular series, New Pig UK created the Mat Factor to put absorbent mats to the test. And guess what?..... PIG® Mat came out on … [Read more...]

Oil Storage Regulations Explained – Part 3


Previously in the blog series on Oil Storage Regulations we looked at the regulations that exist in England and Scotland. In this final part we will look at the Oil Storage Regulations that were introduced more recently in Northern Ireland. The … [Read more...]

Oil Storage Regulations Explained – Part 2


  In part one of the series on Oil Storage Regulations we looked at the regulations governing above the ground oil storage in England Following on from this we will now look at the Water Environment (Oil Storage) (Scotland) … [Read more...]

Arm your outdoor spill kits with the weapons needed for outdoor storage


Before choosing an outdoor spill kit it is important to determine whether it will be stored outdoors. If this is the case then you will want to ensure your absorbents are protected by choosing a spill kit that is able to withstand different outdoor … [Read more...]

Absorb the environmental risks of oils, chemicals & everyday liquids – Part 6


Previously we provided tips on how to prepare your facility to protect the environment from dangerous liquid spills. Oil spills, whilst harmful to the environment, can sometimes overshadow the other 75% of spills that can cause water pollution. In … [Read more...]

Absorb the environmental risks of oils, chemicals & everyday liquids – Part 5


Following on from part four of our series on absorbing the environmental risks of oils, chemicals and everyday liquids, this weeks’ blog provides more tips to help you prevent liquid spills in your facility, and protect the … [Read more...]

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