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Meet Kirsty – a New Pig UK Partner in Grime.


Piggers always work hard to understand customer needs and provide the best solutions to help keep workplaces clean & safe, and to protect the environment from oil spills and other leaks and drips. Kirsty Paterson, an Area Sales Manager gets first … [Read more...]

Absorbing the environmental risks of oils, chemicals & everyday liquids – Part 3


Steps to take to identify and evaluate the liquids hazards in your facility Previously in our blog series we looked at the key causes of water pollution and the potential risks in your facility We established that all liquids, … [Read more...]

New Pig UK and the Environment Times working together to protect the environment.


The Environment Times provides a great resource for environmental news, products, training and tradeshows Recognising our commitment to protecting the environment they offered us the opportunity to feature in their … [Read more...]

Optimise the performance of absorbent pads & absorbent rolls in your fight against slips and falls.


Fighting slips and falls in your workplace begins with selecting the correct absorbent pads & absorbent rolls for the different liquids and applications throughout your facility. Follow these 3 tips to help prevent costly slip and falls in … [Read more...]

What do a PIG® Mat, a PIG® Elephant Mat and a PIG® RHINO™ Absorbent Mat have in common?


What’s in a name? A lot actually! New Pig customers know we like our funny names – starting with our own company name. OINK OINK! The first product invented by New Pig had the interesting & memorable name of PIG® Absorbent Sock. Today, … [Read more...]

Dangers that can floor you and your employees.


Liquids are stored and used in multiple processes throughout your facility. With this comes the increased risk of dangerous leaks and spills, which have the potential to reach work floors and pose a slip hazard to employees. Keeping in mind that … [Read more...]

Chemical Spillages & How to Avoid Taking Unnecessary Spill Cleanup Risks

Haz Mat

Many different liquids are stored, dispensed and used in countless processes throughout your facility. Any leak or spill could be dangerous and pose a slip and fall hazard. And with slips and falls costing business £512 million per year, we all have … [Read more...]

Slip and Fall Risks You Must Stand up to


Liquid spills in the workplace can lead to costly accidents that can damage your company's reputation, hinder operations and lead to compensation claims. When you take into account that slip and fall accidents cost employers £512m per year, and … [Read more...]

The Importance of Safety Reminders in your workplace

Chat Mat Blog

A clean and safe workplace begins with ensuring employees understand and consider safety in everything they do in their working day.  Previously we highlighted the importance of education in the workplace to ensure that safety is kept in the minds … [Read more...]

Give slips the slip ups in unexpected areas in your workplace.

Sherlock Sparky

How many times have you heard someone say “Oh, I didn’t expect that to happen!” Usually it’s something quite obvious that has been overlooked because no one ever thought it would actually happen, until it does! When conducting a risk … [Read more...]

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