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Don’t take the chance when responding to an unknown chemical spillage

Chem Spill Feat

Chemical spillages, no matter what size, need to be treated seriously due to the risks posed to workers, the environment and surrounding residents. As part of your initial risk assessment it’s important to identify all chemicals stored and used on … [Read more...]

Absorb the environmental risks of oils, chemicals & everyday liquids – Part 6


Previously we provided tips on how to prepare your facility to protect the environment from dangerous liquid spills. Oil spills, whilst harmful to the environment, can sometimes overshadow the other 75% of spills that can cause water pollution. In … [Read more...]

Tips on selecting the right partner to help prevent slips & falls and protect the environment.


Whether you need help to prevent slips and falls or to protect the environment from oil spills, you will want to choose a reliable partner that will provide you with the best possible service. Here are some tips to help you select a partner to help … [Read more...]

Meet Kirsty – a New Pig UK Partner in Grime.


Piggers always work hard to understand customer needs and provide the best solutions to help keep workplaces clean & safe, and to protect the environment from oil spills and other leaks and drips. Kirsty Paterson, an Area Sales Manager gets first … [Read more...]

Don’t let a chemical spill become a threat in your facility.


  Don’t let a chemical spill become a threat in your facility. Depending on the extent of a liquid or chemical spillage it has the potential to cause harm to your employees and the environment, as well as residents living near your … [Read more...]

Absorb the environmental risks of oils, chemicals and everyday liquids – Part 2


The key causes of water pollution in your facility In part one of our blog series we looked at understanding the water pollution risks in your facility. Expanding further on this we will now look at the key causes of water … [Read more...]

Grip Dri: The loose absorbent you want to take on the road!


If you are transporting liquids, you need to ensure that you carry the correct spill response equipment in your vehicle that is essential for compliance with ADR regulations. In New Pig UK’s previous blog post we looked at PIG® Tanker ADR Spill … [Read more...]

Spill Kits for spill clean up on the roads


In a previous blog article, New Pig UK provided you with some tips to ensure you respond safely and effectively to hazardous liquid spills before, during and after transport. Read the story here: However, it’s important to … [Read more...]

Tips for Responding to Spills on the Road

5ADRtips (2)

In the UK, several million journeys with GB registered vehicles transporting dangerous goods take place annually Before, during and after transport spillages of hazardous materials could have the potential to cause injury to the … [Read more...]

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