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Minimise waste with PIG BLUE® Mat!


We all have a responsibility to reduce waste in order to be more environmentally friendly. In an effort to help you achieve this, New Pig have designed a wide array of innovative products with recycled content. The absorbent range includes universal … [Read more...]

The dangers of choosing a spill kit that includes a drain cover


When a spill happens, protecting your workers and the environment should be your first priority. Having the right spill equipment in place will ensure fast spill response is achieved to prevent slips & falls and environmental pollution.  Spill … [Read more...]

3 tips on choosing the right absorbent mat for your facility


New Pig UK have invented an absorbent mat to fit every application. It all started back in 1986 with the creation of the first PIG® Mat, since then New Pig UK’s dedication to innovation has led to the production of the most extensive range of … [Read more...]

PIG® Grippy® Absorbent Mat – The story behind the innovative New Pig UK solution


At New Pig UK, a common problem customers told us about was absorbent mats bunching and sliding underfoot in workplaces. Customers used tapes, weights and trays to keep absorbent mats in place to prevent slips and falls. Our research team also saw … [Read more...]

Where will you stick the PIG® Grippy® TRAFFIC MAT® Rug?


It’s new and exclusive to New Pig UK. PIG® Grippy® Mat is the revolutionary absorbent mat that stays put no matter what™. Made for action and built for traction, the PIG® Grippy® Mat is the latest product from New Pig’s absorbatory. Catch … [Read more...]

Meet Darran – the expert in New Pig UK’s 2012 new product innovations


  Every year New Pig UK’s Pigalog® introduces new product innovations that our product manager Darran can’t wait for customers and fellow Piggers to see. Of course he has a favourite in PIG® Grippy® Absorbent Mat … [Read more...]

NEW! New Pig UK 2012 Pigalog and PIG® promo


  This year, New Pig UK’s Pigalog has a whole new look with new 2012 product innovations and a fun PIG® promo to collect. When the completed catalogue landed on our desks back in December, Piggers were proud to see their hard work come … [Read more...]

Reduce slips and falls by 90% with PIG® Grippy® Absorbent Mat


PIG® Mat has come a long way since it was first invented in 1986. Even with our 25 years of experience we still find new applications for PIG® Mat that give us inspiration to develop new innovations and help satisfy customer needs. Our latest … [Read more...]

A behind the scenes look at New Pig UK’s summer Pignic video


With the grim summer Scotland has experienced this year New Pig UK thought it would be a good idea to cheer Piggers up with a summer pignic. All we had to hope for was one day of good weather. We didn’t feel we were asking too much, although it was … [Read more...]

Create custom spill containment and spill trays with PIG™ Sheet


Preventing environmental pollution begins with having the right spill containment solutions in place to capture leaks and spills in your facility. However, in tight, awkward spaces this can prove more difficult. Recognising the need for liquid … [Read more...]

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