Colour coded spill kits ensure fast, safe spill response


When a liquid spill occurs spill kits will help to ensure fast, safe spill response. However, selecting the wrong type of spill kit could result in worker injuries and damage to the environment.  At a time when speed is critical, it’s important … [Read more...]

Choosing the right type of spill containment: Polyethylene or Steel?


Ensuring safe liquid storage in your facility begins with having the right containment products in place. With over 25 years of experience, New Pig can help you make the best choice when selecting spill containment solutions to store liquids safely … [Read more...]

Reduce slips and falls by 90% with PIG® Grippy® Absorbent Mat


PIG® Mat has come a long way since it was first invented in 1986. Even with our 25 years of experience we still find new applications for PIG® Mat that give us inspiration to develop new innovations and help satisfy customer needs. Our latest … [Read more...]

PIG® Absorbent Mat has the Mat Factor when it comes to protecting the environment.


Like all the Piggers at Hogs Hill, you’ve probably been pulled into The X Factor this year. Putting our own spin on this popular series, New Pig UK created the Mat Factor to put absorbent mats to the test. And guess what?..... PIG® Mat came out on … [Read more...]

Oil Storage Regulations Explained – Part 3


Previously in the blog series on Oil Storage Regulations we looked at the regulations that exist in England and Scotland. In this final part we will look at the Oil Storage Regulations that were introduced more recently in Northern Ireland. The … [Read more...]

Spill Kits and how to select the right one for your outdoor needs


If you are storing or working with liquids outdoors it is inevitable that liquid spills will happen. The last thing you want is to cause damage to the environment by not having the correct spill equipment available for outdoor spill cleanup. Spill … [Read more...]

Create custom spill containment and spill trays with PIG™ Sheet


Preventing environmental pollution begins with having the right spill containment solutions in place to capture leaks and spills in your facility. However, in tight, awkward spaces this can prove more difficult. Recognising the need for liquid … [Read more...]

Tips for choosing utility trays to help protect against slips and falls


Preventing small leaks and drips from reaching your floors will help to protect against slips and falls in your workplace. Utility trays are designed for use in industrial applications and provide an ideal solution for capturing small leaks and … [Read more...]

Grip Dri: The loose absorbent you want to take on the road!


If you are transporting liquids, you need to ensure that you carry the correct spill response equipment in your vehicle that is essential for compliance with ADR regulations. In New Pig UK’s previous blog post we looked at PIG® Tanker ADR Spill … [Read more...]

What do a PIG® Mat, a PIG® Elephant Mat and a PIG® RHINO™ Absorbent Mat have in common?


What’s in a name? A lot actually! New Pig customers know we like our funny names – starting with our own company name. OINK OINK! The first product invented by New Pig had the interesting & memorable name of PIG® Absorbent Sock. Today, … [Read more...]