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Tips to Wipe Out Slips, Trips and Falls


Slips, trips, and falls are the single most common cause of major injury in UK workplaces ( Preventing these injuries doesn’t have to be difficult. Evaluation of walking areas, coupled with diligent housekeeping and training, will help keep everyone on their feet.

Look around your facility to identify areas where there could be a potential safety hazard. Encourage all employees to identify and report hazards so they can be corrected.  Areas to consider include entrance ways, reception areas, stairways, work areas, hallways, loading bays and roofs.

The below tips will help minimise any risks:

  • Correct footwear should be worn by all employees in processing areas. Develop a policy regarding floor safety and proper footwear for each area of your facility.
  • Anti-slip stair treads should be used to help secure footing and prevent slips and falls on stairways, platforms and loading ramps.
  • Entrance mats should be put in place to capture water and mud at the door, before they have a chance to be tracked throughout your facility.
  • Anti-slip floor paints are ideal for preventing slips on work floors that have frequent foot traffic.
  • Leak diverters, pallets and decks are a good solution for capturing leaks to prevent them from reaching floors and causing a slip hazard.
  • Ensure walkways are level and even. Consider having uneven surfaces ground, texturised, or re-paved to make them level and less slip-and trip-prone.
  • Additional lighting or higher-voltage bulbs should be installed in hallways or work areas as dim lighting can hide spills or uneven surfaces and contribute to slip-and-fall injuries.
  • Spill kits should be stocked in areas prone to spills such as loading bays, fluid dispensing areas, and waste collection stations.
  • Train employees on the use of spill response materials and ensure they are aware of the location of spill kits.

Identifying the risks that exist in your facility will ensure that you’re properly prepared. By taking the time to correct known hazards and training employees to be aware of walking conditions, you can reduce slip-and-fall injuries significantly in all areas of your facility.

If you would like further advice on preventing slips and falls in the workplace have a look at New Pig UK’s detailed whitepapers We would also love to know if our tips have helped you keep your facility safe! Let us know by commenting on our blog or posting on our wall at

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