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Spill Containment solutions help you comply with Regulations and aid good housekeeping!


It is important to look at the different liquids you store and use at your facility to ensure that you choose a containment solution that is compatible. New Pig UK provides containment pallets and decks that help you comply with government regulations, for example, oil storage regulations which help aid workplace safety.

UK regulations require the provision of secondary containment, like pallets and decks, to ensure that leaks are captured and prevented from entering controlled waters, whilst keeping your workplace safe. It is important to distinguish between these secondary containment solutions in order to determine which is best for your facility:

Pallets have a large sump capacity to help you comply with government regulations. They are forkliftable for easy transport and their small footprint takes up less floor space within your facility.

Decks are low profile for easy loading and access to drum, pumps and funnels whilst providing cost-effective, high-volume storage. Modular decks can also be configured to match your floor plan.

Below are 6 Reasons why PIG® Pallets and Decks provide an ideal solution to capture leaks and drips and help you comply with regulations:

  1. Unsurpassed Strength: Every PIG® Pallet and Deck is built to support the maximum load long term, so you can rest assured that it won’t buckle or break even when fully loaded.
  2. Thickest Grates on the Market: Anti-slip structural grates on PIG® Heavy-Duty Pallets add incredible strength, provide enhanced foot traction and keep drums from sliding.
  3. Lowest Loading Height: PIG® Pallets and Decks offer the lowest profile whilst still maintaining government regulations. This ensures that they are easier to load and drum tops are easier to reach.
  4. Proven Chemical Compatibility: Steel, poly and fluorinated pallets are compatible with every type of liquid you need to store, whether its flammable, chlorinated or in between.
  5. Rigorous testing: PIG® products are subjected to extreme punishment, so you can be sure that Pallets and Decks can stand up to the load specified.
  6. Fireproof Painted Steel: Steel Pallets provide safe, ultra-duty storage for flammable liquids. They are tough and groundable for extra safety and painted for rust resistant durability.

We would love to find out if our spill containment solutions have helped aid workplace safety and enabled you to store liquids in compliance with government regulations! Let us know by commenting on our blog or posting on our wall at

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