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Minimise waste with PIG BLUE® Mat!


We all have a responsibility to reduce waste in order to be more environmentally friendly. In an effort to help you achieve this, New Pig have designed a wide array of innovative products with recycled content. The absorbent range includes universal mats, loose granules and absorbent socks and pillows that are made from natural and renewable materials. By simply using recycled PIG® absorbents for spill clean-up, you will be doing your bit for the environment.

FebBlueInsert2One product in particular that was designed with this in mind is PIG BLUE® Absorbent Mat which is made with 75% recycled cellulose fibres. FiberFusion® technology is used to combine the super absorbency of recycled fibres with the high strength of synthetic fibres, making it perfect where natural or renewable products are desired. In addition to recyclable content, PIG BLUE® also delivers exceptional performance and reliability. This unique innovation is always thirsty for spills; it has superior strength and will stay together even when fully saturated. PIG BLUE® Mat is also available in our eco-friendly Spill Kits, meaning you can use it to soak up leaks and spills in your facility without worrying about depleting the Earth’s limited resources.

We are dedicated to helping you choose the best products for your applications so you use less, and create less waste. Taking the time to make the right choice of absorbent will ensure usage is optimised and the amount of waste from your facility reduced. Many of our absorbent mats including PIG BLUE® are perforated which make them easy to tear so that you only use what you need. Fewer absorbent mats will be used for spill clean-up and less waste will enter the waste stream.

FebBlueInsertAbsorbents are often thrown away before they’re fully saturated. It’s a good idea to check to make sure your products are used to their maximum absorbency. When absorbents are used to their full capacity you can further reduce waste by re-using the product with the use of wringer machines. Such machines squeeze liquid waste out of contained absorbents allowing them to be used again, reducing both waste and money spent!

Helping you to cut down on waste helps us do our bit for the environment too! We would love to hear if you are using PIG® absorbents to help reduce your facility’s waste and impact on the environment. Comment on our blog or post on our wall at

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