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BRAND NEW! New Pig UK 2013 Pigalog® and exclusive promo


New Pig UK’s 2013 Pigalog® has just landed on our desks and we are thrilled to share it with you. This year’s catalogue is packed with new 2013 products and a fun PIG® promo to collect. The 2013 Pigalog® showcases our new company branding which we feel gives the catalogue a modern and fresh new look. The catalogue has also been reduced in size to make it more compact so you can feel free to take it with you wherever you go! Piggers are extremely happy with the finished article and we hope you will be too.

The 2013 New Pig UK Pigalog® allows customers to select products and navigate with ease. There are selection guides for each of the product categories and navigational tabs along the side of the pages to help make your selection as simple as possible. Product information will also show at a flash which product is right for your needs.

janCoverThe product section at the front of the New Pig UK Pigalog® promotes our 2013 innovations and introduces the new products that have been added to our range. These have been carefully chosen with customers needs in mind as we are dedicated to finding the right solutions to make your job easier. The remainder of the catalogue is packed full of customer leak and spill product favourites which will help you keep workplaces clean and safe.

The cover introduces a little light hearted fun to the serious issue of outdoor spills. This year’s Pig rides the waves, although there’s no chance of getting wet when using water repellent PIG® Oil-Only Mat. The cover shows that you don’t have to let outdoor spills rain on your parade when you have the absorbency power of PIG® Oil-Only Mat. Our assortment of spill solutions which you can find inside our catalogue will help you sail through spill clean-up and keep your facility prepared to protect the environment.

One thing that makes our Pigalog® unique is the inclusion of an exclusive PIG® promo which is sure to brighten up your day and instill a little bit of fun within your organisation. Piggers always get excited about our promos and this year is no exception. The 2013 New Pig UK Pigalog® offers a funky Pig chef hat which will allow you to cook up a storm all year long. It’s a good collectable to add to all the other PIG® promos you may have received over the years!

Take a look at the New Pig UK 2013 Pigalog® online or request a copy at We would love to know what you think! Let us know by posting on our wall at or commenting on our blog.

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