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Planning and preparing for outdoor spill response

It is important to prepare your facility to protect the environment from outdoor spills. This can be achieved with careful planning and by having the correct spill equipment in place to limit and control spills outdoors.The steps below will help prepare your company and ensure the risks of outdoor spills aren’t overlooked:

1. Understand all outdoor issues and identify polluting materials

Determine the risks that exist in the outdoor environment and the factors that could hinder spill response. Take into account the different terrains you may have to deal with, the outdoor weather conditions and how close spills may be to waterways and groundwater. It is important to identify all liquids, wastes and processes that could give rise to pollution, even in offsite locations where spills can still happen.Determine the largest volume of liquid that is likely to spill to enable your facility to take the proper precautions.

2. Ensure you have the correct spill containment and spill response equipment

Understanding the outdoor issues and polluting materials that exist will help you determine the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that should be worn by workers and the products that will best prepare your facility to respond effectively. Spill kits, drain covers and absorbents are among the many products that can be used for effective spill containment and clean up.

3. Develop a maintenance programme and incident response plan

Ensure that all equipment on site is in good condition. Develop a maintenance programme where equipment is routinely inspected to reduce the risk of leaks and spills. In the event of a spill it is important to have procedures in place to enable effective clean up, these procedures should be documented in your spill response plan.

4. Conduct staff training

Make sure that all employees are trained in accordance with their roles and locations. The training should cover what staff should do when a spill happens, and where PPE, pollution and spill control equipment is located. All employees should also be made aware of where the incident response plan is kept. A good tip is to organise some practice runs to ensure responders can follow procedures and carry out spill response safely. For further advice read our previous blog – 7 Steps to Spill Response to help you prevent slip and fall injuries: or view our video below:

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