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5 factors to consider when preparing for outdoor spill response

Outdoor spills have more potential to reach the environment and cause pollution, so it’s important to be prepared to respond quickly. Spills can be more difficult to manage and a number of outdoor factors can affect spill response. Consider the following when planning and preparing for spills outdoors:

Different terrains exist outdoors

There are no smooth surfaces outside and you’re likely to have dirt, roads and gravel to deal with when responding to a spill. The rough terrains that exist outdoors can make getting to a spill more difficult and issues could arise during spill clean up. It’s important to ensure you have the correct spill equipment to overcome these issues and respond to spills quickly.

Outdoor spills will be closer to water

Think of the number of different activities that take place outdoors, there’s likely to be repairs, maintenance and improvements to structures over or above waterways.  Any spills that happen whilst carrying out these activities are likely to reach waterways and drains more quickly, increasing the potential for environmental pollution. Be prepared to respond quickly!

Groundwater pollution happens more quickly

Outdoors potentially polluting substances could be used near wells or springs and in areas where there is thin covering soil and groundwater pollution is likely to happen more quickly.  It is important to be prepared with the correct spill equipment to ensure fast and effective spill clean up.  Remember, the more liquid that’s allowed to reach groundwater, the longer it will take to clean up the spill and the more you will need to pay in fines and remediation costs.

Weather conditions can affect spill response and damage equipment

The unpredictability of the weather, especially in the UK, means you will never know the weather conditions you’ll have to deal with when a spill happens outdoors. Wet and windy conditions can delay spill response and damage spill control equipment if it’s not designed to withstand varying weather conditions. Take time to choose the right spill equipment for your application that will stand up to the elements outdoors.

Spills can happen in remote locations

Spills don’t just happen in the surrounding vicinity outside your facility. Work may be carried out in remote locations as well as on building sites, forest environments and SSI locations. Make sure spill equipment is appropriate for working in these locations and is able to be transported with you.

When preparing for outdoor spills have you considered the outdoor factors that can hinder spill response? We would love to hear how you plan and prepare for outdoor spills! Let us know by commenting on our blog or posting on our wall at

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