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PIG® absorbents help you do your part for the environment.

Now more than ever we feel increased responsibility to be more environmentally friendly in almost everything we do.  You only need to look at the number of recycling bins you have in your garden now to realise the change in thinking over the years.

With PIG® absorbents you don’t need to change your thinking or what you do. Many are made with recycled content, and always have been since the invention of the first absorbent sock in 1985. The absorbent range includes universal mats, loose granules and absorbent socks & pillows that are made from natural and renewable materials.  Simply by using recycled PIG® absorbents for spill clean up, you will be doing your bit for the environment without changing a thing.

Absorbents contain and absorb liquids spills before they have the chance to spread into drains and cause environmental pollution. Choosing the right absorbent for your application is therefore important to ensure effective spill clean up and environmental protection. Taking the time to make the right choice will also mean that you use less and the amount of waste from your facility will be reduced.

Whilst simply using recycled absorbents can help you protect the environment, another step you can take is to ensure absorbents are used to their full capacity to help reduce waste. This will prevent absorbents from being thrown away before they’re fully saturated. Less product will be used for spill clean up and less waste will enter the waste stream. Absorbents can also be re-used with the use of wringer machines that squeeze liquid waste out of contained absorbents to help reduce waste.

Are you using PIG® absorbents to help reduce your facility’s impact on the environment? We would love to hear your views! Comment on our blog or post on our wall at



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