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Colour coded spill kits ensure fast, safe spill response

When a liquid spill occurs spill kits will help to ensure fast, safe spill response. However, selecting the wrong type of spill kit could result in worker injuries and damage to the environment.  At a time when speed is critical, it’s important that responders can easily distinguish between different spill kits to prevent improper use and accidents from happening.

One way of making sure that the right one is chosen for spill clean up is to have colour coded spill kits and absorbents. Coloured labels on the outside of spill kit containers signify the types of liquids they absorb, making identification easy in a spill situation. Responders can see at a glance which spill kit they need for a specific liquid spill, allowing them to respond quickly and safely. When a coloured label isn’t present on the container coloured absorbents inside will help responders identify the correct kit for their application.

The colour of the spill kit labels and the absorbents inside depends on the spill kit supplier. At New Pig UK spill kits with blue labels will absorb oils, coolants, solvents and water and the absorbents are coloured grey.  Green labels signify oil-only spill kits, containing white coloured absorbents that absorb oil and repel water. Spill kits with pink labels will absorb chemicals and unknown liquids and contain pink coloured absorbents.  

Colour coding spill kits and absorbents makes identification of the correct spill response equipment quick and easy. Response can begin right away and accidents can be prevented. It’s important to make sure employees are educated on the differences that exist between each spill kit so they make the right selection for their application.

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    So you classify the absorbent by  color. Well, I find it as good idea. By then, it will be easy for you to choose what you need without being confuse since they have different capabilities in absorbing liquid spills.

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