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The dangers of choosing a spill kit that includes a drain cover

When a spill happens, protecting your workers and the environment should be your first priority. Having the right spill equipment in place will ensure fast spill response is achieved to prevent slips & falls and environmental pollution.  Spill kits contain items needed to absorb and retain liquid spills. Typically you will find absorbent mats, socks, pillows and loose granules inside a spill kit, with some spill kits even including drain covers.  However, choosing a spill kit that includes a drain cover presents many dangers and could be a costly mistake, here’s why:

1. Drain covers won’t fit your drains

It is likely that a drain cover that’s included in a spill kit won’t be the right size or shape for your drains. Your facilities specific requirements are unknown to the spill kit supplier which could result in the drain cover being too small or the wrong shape to completely protect your drains. This means drains will be visible even when covered and liquids could escape into drains and cause environmental damage.

2. Drain covers won’t have the right level of resistance

A drain cover that’s included in a spill kit may not be durable enough for the specific area where it will be used in your facility. Consider if a drain is in a high traffic area, a drain cover may need to be placed as a precautionary measure, so it will need to be able to withstand repeated drive overs. If drain covers don’t have the right level of resistance they could fall apart during use and spilled liquids will be allowed to reach drains and the environment.

3. Drain covers won’t be compatible with your liquids

Spill kit suppliers don’t know all the types of liquids you work with, so drain covers that are included in their spill kits may not be compatible with your specific liquids. This could be dangerous as drain covers are likely to degrade upon contact with spilled liquids and drains won’t be properly protected. Also, when drains are covered with incompatible drain covers it gives the impression that they are protected and additional precautionary measures may not be taken to control spills.

Due to the dangers that exist, it’s important to purchase a spill kit that doesn’t include a drain cover, but has space to add the correct one after your specific needs have been considered. Take a look at our short video for more information:

Has our advice made you think about the spill kits you buy and helped you choose the right drain cover for your application? Let us know by commenting on our blog our posting on our wall at

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