PIG® Mat defeats clay for safe, effective spill clean up – Part 3

Previously in our blog series on why PIG® Mat defeats clay for safe, effective spill clean up http://ow.ly/bd296 we established why absorbent mats protect machinery from damage, and create less mess than clay granules. In this final part we will look at why they are safer to use and easier to dispose of, helping to ensure quick, safe and cost effective spill clean up.

Absorbent mats are safer to use

Absorbent mats help to keep employees safe from harm, not just because they prevent slips and falls, but also because they don’t generate any toxic dust that can affect the health of employees. Clay granules are a known health hazard and contain harmful silica dust.  This can fill the air of your facility and can cause chronic lung damage.  Productivity levels can also be affected due to lingering worker health issues, and this can cost you more in the long run. Absorbent mats are a safer, more cost effective spill clean up solution.

Absorbent mats are easier to dispose of

When fully saturated absorbent mats can simply be picked up and disposed of without the risk of liquids leaking out onto work floors. Clay granules create more mess during spill clean up, and are more difficult to dispose of as they don’t incinerate and leave more than 90% ash. Long labour hours of sweeping and shovelling are required to ensure proper disposal when using clay granules. Absorbent mats are a quicker, easier solution to spill clean up and disposal.

A spill on its own presents a danger, the last thing you want to do is put employees at further risk by using clay granules. PIG® absorbent mats will help you keep your workplace clean and safe, and your workers protected.

Do you use PIG® absorbent mats for absorbing leaks and spills in your workplace? Let us know by commenting on our blog or posting some pictures of our products in use on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/newpiguk.


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