PIG® Mat defeats clay for safe, effective spill clean up – Part 2

In the first blog of the series on how PIG® mat defeats clay for safe, effective spill clean up http://ow.ly/aY6as we looked at the superior absorption capacity of absorbent mats, and why they are easier to handle than clay granules. Now we will discuss why absorbent mats help to protect machinery from damage and are a much cleaner spill response method. Less mess and less fuss leads to faster spill clean up.

Absorbent mats won’t damage machinery

Absorbent mats don’t release any particles or fibres that can potentially get inside machinery and cause damage. Think about how they are used during spill clean up, they are simply placed over a spill to absorb and contain the liquid. Clay granules are poured on to a spill from height and can spread anywhere. The gritty particles can end up circulating inside machines & equipment, which can lead to premature wear and tear. You may end up spending more money on the maintenance and replacement of machinery due to the damage clay granules can cause.

Absorbent mats ensure clean and easy spill clean up

At a time when speed is critical absorbent mats provide a quicker, easier and cleaner solution for effective spill clean up. Spills are absorbed and contained quickly with absorbent mats, and they can simply be picked up and disposed of without any hassle. When responding to a liquid spill you want to clean up the mess, not create more. That’s exactly what happens when clay granules are used for spill clean up. Clay has no absorption capacity so you will use more material to absorb the spill, which will create more mess and means more time will be spent on spill clean up than necessary.

Responding to liquid spills the old school way using clay granules could be costing you more money and hassle. Absorbent mats are an effective spill clean up solution that help to ensure your workplace is kept clean, safe and productive. Visit our website at www.newpig.co.uk for more information.

Has our advice helped you realise the benefits of using absorbent mats over clay granules? Let us know by commenting our blog or posting on our wall at www.facebook.com/newpiguk. We would love to hear your views!

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