PIG® Mat defeats clay for safe, effective spill clean up – Part 1

Spill clean up should be quick, safe and hassle free. If you’re still responding to liquid spills the old school way using clay granules, you could be making spill response more difficult. This could put your workers at risk and cost your company more money in the long run.

In this first part of our series on why PIG® Mat defeats clay for safe, effective spill clean up we will look at why absorbent mats have more absorption capacity and are easier to handle than clay. You may want to stop doing things the old school way!

Absorbent mats absorb more

PIG® absorbent mats are made of highly absorbent fine fibres that not only absorb liquids fast but retain them too, ensuring no leaks or drips and hassle free spill clean up. Clay granules however don’t really absorb anything and simply just become coated with liquid, creating more of a mess and making spill clean up more difficult. Absorbent mats are able to soak up to ten times their own weight, and with only 5 absorbent pads you will be able to absorb the same as 6.6kg of clay. That’s a lot of clay! Think how often you will need to replace it and the money you will spend.   

Absorbent mats are easier to handle

When responding to a spill you want to get there fast to prevent it from spreading. Absorbent mats are lighter so they are easier to handle and transport to a spill than clay granules. An average bag of clay can weigh over 22kg which could prove difficult to carry to a spill and could hinder spill response. The bags that clay granules are contained in may not be able to support the weight of the clay and could burst creating more mess.  Absorbent pads are available in handy dispenser boxes that allow you to take only what you need to a spill for fast, efficient spill response.

Why make spill response more difficult than it needs to be by using clay granules? Absorbent mats are a more efficient and cost effective solution for spill clean up.  Take a look at our short video to see PIG® Mat in action against clay:


We would love to see how PIG® absorbent mats have helped you create a clean and safe workplace. Let us know by commenting on our blog or posting some pictures of our products in use on www.facebook.com/newpiguk.

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