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Watch out! Wet weather can increase slips and falls

There’s no way of getting away from wet weather in the UK, unless you jet off to sunnier climates of course! Just last week the sun was out, but with the rain, sleet and snow we’ve experienced this week it looks like April could be a wet month. The risk of slips and falls increases in wet weather, and when you consider that slips, trips and falls are the single most common cause of major injury in UK workplaces (, it’s important to work hard to prevent accidents from happening.

Think of the number of people entering your building on a daily basis. When wet weather is thrown into the mix, ice, rainwater, leaves and mud can get tracked throughout your facility. Also, think about what can happen to roofs in wet, wintery weather. Rainwater and snow can build up on roofs, leading to leaks that can present a slip hazard if allowed to reach work floors. With the proper preventative solutions in place the risk of slips and falls can be reduced.

Look around your facility to identify areas where wet weather could cause a problem. Areas to consider include entrance ways, reception areas, stairways, loading bays and roofs. Many slip accidents happen at building entrances as people entering the building walk in rainwater. Entrance mats can be used in these areas to capture water and mud at the door, before they have a chance to be tracked throughout your facility. Anti-slip stair treads will help to secure footing and prevent slips and falls on stairways, platforms and loading ramps. Anti-slip floor paints will also do the trick in these areas and are ideal for preventing slips on work floors with frequent foot traffic. Leak diverters are a good solution for capturing and diverting roof leaks to prevent them from reaching work floors and causing a slip hazard.

We live in the UK where wet weather is inevitable! You can’t stop the rain but you can reduce the hazards that wet weather can bring inside your facility. Don’t let the rain come indoors from unprotected entrances, loading bays and work floors that can cause expensive & injurious slips and falls. Identifying the risks that exist in your facility will ensure that you’re properly prepared when the elements strike. New Pig UK’s whitepapers provide further advice on preventing slips and falls in the workplace

Has our advice helped you deal with the risks that wet weather brings? Let us know by commenting on our blog or posting on our wall at

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