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3 tips on choosing the right absorbent mat for your facility

New Pig UK have invented an absorbent mat to fit every application. It all started back in 1986 with the creation of the first PIG® Mat, since then New Pig UK’s dedication to innovation has led to the production of the most extensive range of absorbent mats on the market. 

With over 188 different varieties of PIG® Mat existing today how do you choose the right absorbent mat for your facility? Here are some tips from New Pig UK that will help:

Tip 1: Identify the liquids that need absorbing

The first step towards choosing an absorbent mat is to identify all the liquids at your facility and select a mat that’s compatible. Universal absorbent mats will absorb oils, coolants, solvents and water, whereas Oil-Only mats will only absorb oil and repel water. For more hazardous chemical spillages and unknown liquid spills HAZ-MAT absorbents are the best solution. Ensure safe and effective spill clean up by choosing absorbent mats based on the type of liquid they will be used to absorb.

Tip 2: Consider traffic levels in the area where absorbent mats will be used

The level of traffic in the area needs to be considered to determine the level of wear resistance your absorbent mat needs to have.  An absorbent mat with either medium or high wear resistance will work best in areas with occasional or heavy foot traffic. In areas with heavy equipment traffic, like forklift and cart traffic, an absorbent mat that’s heat-fused and has super wear resistance will work best. Choose an absorbent mat that’s durable enough to withstand the types of traffic in the area to ensure proper protection against leaks and spills.

Tip 3: Determine the volume of liquid that needs absorbing

Estimate the volume of liquid that has the potential to spill to help you determine the weight of absorbent mat you need.  For small volume spills a light weight absorbent mat will ensure fast, effective spill clean up. A medium weight absorbent mat absorbs more so it can be left in place for short periods to catch overspray and machine leaks. Larger volume spills require a heavy weight absorbent mat that can be left in place for extended periods to capture unexpected leaks and spills.

The type & volume of liquid, and the level of traffic are all factors to consider before choosing an absorbent mat for your facility. The short video below will also help you get it right:


Has New Pig UK helped you choose the right absorbent mat for your facility? Let us know by commenting on our blog or posting on our wall at We would love to hear from you!

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