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Don’t take the chance when responding to an unknown chemical spillage

Chem Spill Feat

Chemical spillages, no matter what size, need to be treated seriously due to the risks posed to workers, the environment and surrounding residents. As part of your initial risk assessment it’s important to identify all chemicals stored and used on … [Read more...]

Steps to ensure the safe storage of flammable liquids


Storing flammable liquids requires special safety considerations due to the fire and explosion hazards associated with these types of liquids. Here are some simple steps you can to take to ensure safe flammable liquid storage in your … [Read more...]

Choosing the right type of spill containment: Polyethylene or Steel?


Ensuring safe liquid storage in your facility begins with having the right containment products in place. With over 25 years of experience, New Pig can help you make the best choice when selecting spill containment solutions to store liquids safely … [Read more...]

3 tips on choosing the right absorbent mat for your facility


New Pig UK have invented an absorbent mat to fit every application. It all started back in 1986 with the creation of the first PIG® Mat, since then New Pig UK’s dedication to innovation has led to the production of the most extensive range of … [Read more...]

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