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NEW! New Pig UK 2012 Pigalog and PIG® promo


This year, New Pig UK’s Pigalog has a whole new look with new 2012 product innovations and a fun PIG® promo to collect. When the completed catalogue landed on our desks back in December, Piggers were proud to see their hard work come together and couldn’t wait for customers to see the revamped Pigalog.

The 2012 New Pig UK Pigalog is fresher, and makes it easier for customers to select products and navigate. Not only are the selection guides for each of the product categories simpler, but the navigational tabs at the top help you get to what you need quicker. Product information will let you know at a glance which leak and spill product is right for you.   

The 2012 New Pig UK Pigalog is packed with customer favourites, as well as new innovations to help keep your workplace clean and safe. The new products section at the front showcases our 2012 innovations in one place. One product that we are very proud of is our PIG® Grippy® Absorbent Mat so it has a special place on the high flying cover position.

Our loyal pig friend still graces the cover of the 2012 Pigalog.….just! Hanging on with help from New Pig’s latest PIG® Mat innovation, our pig friend is able to fly. The cover shows the staying power of PIG® Grippy® Mat. It doesn’t just help pigs fly, it keeps your workers on their feet. Take a look at our short video to see it in action:

As with every Pigalog there is the cool new promo. This year it’s a trendy T-shirt that will make you look as good as your workplace. It’s a good collectable to add to all the other PIG® promos you may have received over the years.

Take a look at the New Pig UK 2012 Pigalog online at or request a copy on our blog. We would love to know what you think! let us know by posting on our wall at or commenting on our blog.

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