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Meet Darran – the expert in New Pig UK’s 2012 new product innovations


Every year New Pig UK’s Pigalog® introduces new product innovations that our product manager Darran can’t wait for customers and fellow Piggers to see. Of course he has a favourite in PIG® Grippy® Absorbent Mat, but here he tells us about the other new products he highly recommends that help to keep your workplace clean & safe and protect the environment.

 1. So Darran, we know that your favourite new product of 2012 is PIG® Grippy® Mat but what other products are you excited about?

Well, it’s hard for me to see past Grippy® Mat but we do have some other great new products in this years’ Pigalog®. The Drive-Over DRAINBLOCKER® Modular Drain Cover is one of them! With the built-in dovetail connectors that fuse together, customers can join multiple covers to create a tight seal on trench drains of any length. It has the same HogHyde® skin top layer and super sealing urethane bottom layer as our existing Drive-Over DRAINBLOCKER®, so it stands up to punctures, tearing, abrasion and repeated drive-overs from heavy vehicles. It’s a long term solution, that’s ideal for protecting drains from dangerous liquid spills in heavy traffic areas.

 2. Sounds like a good product for preventing environmental damage from spilled liquids too! Tell us about another favourite you have up your sleeve?

It sure is! Any product that protects the environment gets my vote, which brings me to my next favourite, new PIG® Oil Containment Booms. The new range of non-absorbent booms have sizes that are suitable for use in anything from a small stream or ditch, up to a large spill in coastal waters and open seas in rough weather. They are strong & durable, and help to control the spread of debris and waterborne spills of oil and fuel.

 3. Great solution for an oil spill on water! So, if you had to pick just one more exciting new product, what would it be?

Sticking with the outdoor theme, I’d have to go with the PIG® Leak Diverter with Oil-Only Absorbent. This extra durable product captures, filters and diverts oil leaks from outdoor equipment so customers can prevent oil from reaching the ground and spreading into the environment. As the name suggests it only absorbs oil and filters rainwater, something that’s a bit different from New Pig UK’s regular Leak Diverters. It’s durable enough to withstand the elements outdoors and can be hung anywhere to capture leaks and drips.   

 4. These all sound like great PIG® innovations, where can customers find out more about new products?

Customers can find out about all of New Pig UK’s 2012 innovations and other customer favourites on our website They can also request a Pigalog® on the blog or call our expert advisors on 0800 919 900.

 Have you tried any of our new 2012 innovations? Let us know what you think by commenting on our blog or posting on our wall at Darrans busy working on new introductions for next year so it’s a good time to air your views.

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