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A behind the scenes look at New Pig UK’s summer Pignic video

With the grim summer Scotland has experienced this year New Pig UK thought it would be a good idea to cheer Piggers up with a summer pignic. All we had to hope for was one day of good weather. We didn’t feel we were asking too much, although it was Scotland we were talking about.

We filmed the event to show how Piggers like to mix serious business will a little bit of fun. The filming was the easy part, we just let the cameras roll as Piggers had fun! Preparing for the pignic took a lot of planning & organising, as well as creative inspiration to create a pignic that was no ordinary picnic.

The first thing we had to do was to determine the PIG® products that could be used for the pignic. With a workable list of ideas put together we had to attempt to create the pignic area beforehand to see if it would work. We used a PIG® Leak Diverter to create both a gazebo and a volley ball net and a PIG® Spill Kit proved useful for the picnic table. Absorbents, including PIG® Mat Rolls and Pillows, were ideal for creating comfy chairs to sit around the table, whilst absorbent socks were perfect for marking out the volleyball court to keep piggers within the lines, and for use as rings for the ring toss game.   

With the Scottish weather we had to prepare for every eventuality. Wind, rain or shine we were having our Pignic! Piggers were advised to bring in waterproofs, umbrellas and wellies just in case. Next we had to order food and ensure it was prepared on the day by appointing some piggers to operate the BBQ and cook the hot dogs. We knew we would have lots of hungry Piggers to feed.

The preparation that went into the Pignic was worth it for a great day. Check out New Pig UK’s you tube channel to see how it all came together Who would’ve thought PIG® products could be so much fun?

Are there any other PIG® products you think we could’ve used for our Pignic? Why not let us know by commenting on our blog or posting on our wall at, we might use your idea for next years Pignic!

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