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Absorb the environmental risks of oils, chemicals & everyday liquids – Part 5


Following on from part four of our series on absorbing the environmental risks of oils, chemicals and everyday liquids, this weeks’ blog provides more tips to help you prevent liquid spills in your facility, and protect the … [Read more...]

8 steps to protect against unexpected oil spills & leaks


6000 oil spills leading to environmental pollution occur in the UK each year, according to Inside your facility, oil spills that reach work floors also have the potential to injure workers in slips and falls. Protect the … [Read more...]

Tips on selecting the right partner to help prevent slips & falls and protect the environment.


Whether you need help to prevent slips and falls or to protect the environment from oil spills, you will want to choose a reliable partner that will provide you with the best possible service. Here are some tips to help you select a partner to help … [Read more...]

A behind the scenes look at New Pig UK’s summer Pignic video


With the grim summer Scotland has experienced this year New Pig UK thought it would be a good idea to cheer Piggers up with a summer pignic. All we had to hope for was one day of good weather. We didn’t feel we were asking too much, although it was … [Read more...]

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