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Create custom spill containment and spill trays with PIG™ Sheet

Preventing environmental pollution begins with having the right spill containment solutions in place to capture leaks and spills in your facility. However, in tight, awkward spaces this can prove more difficult.

Recognising the need for liquid containment in these hard-to-reach areas, New Pig UK invented mouldable PIG™ Sheet as an innovative solution to this common problem. You can use it to create your own liquid control and containment solutions for places where standard plastic drip trays just won’t fit.

PIG™ Sheet is constructed of a steel mesh core with a pliable PVC coating so it is mouldable, corrosion resistant and can be reshaped over and over again without cracking. Designed with versatility in mind, you can easily bend, mould, cut or fold PIG™ Sheet to create drip trays, splash guards or channelling tools for your tough problem areas. The additional tools will allow you to easily create any size or shape you need. Take a look at New Pig UK’s short video to see how:

PIG™ Sheet can be used to keep hoses, cables and extension cords tucked out of the way, or to create a trough to catch hose or pipe leaks. It can also provide maximum coverage underneath machines to capture any leaks or drips that could occur, replacing the need for multiple drip trays.

Putting the right products in place to prevent awkward leaks and drips from reaching your floors will reduce the risk that everyday liquids can pose to the environment.

Have you used PIG™ Sheet to create your own spill containment solution to capture liquids in your tough problems areas? We would love to hear what you’ve created. Let us know by commenting on our blog or posting on our wall at

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