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Meet Kirsty – a New Pig UK Partner in Grime.


Piggers always work hard to understand customer needs and provide the best solutions to help keep workplaces clean & safe, and to protect the environment from oil spills and other leaks and drips. Kirsty Paterson, an Area Sales Manager gets first … [Read more...]

Don’t let a chemical spill become a threat in your facility.


  Don’t let a chemical spill become a threat in your facility. Depending on the extent of a liquid or chemical spillage it has the potential to cause harm to your employees and the environment, as well as residents living near your … [Read more...]

Absorb the environmental risks of oils, chemicals & everyday liquids – Part 4


Part 3 of our blog series highlighted the importance of identifying and evaluating all liquids in your facility when conducting your risk assessment Once you have identified the liquids and volumes you are working with you need … [Read more...]

Create custom spill containment and spill trays with PIG™ Sheet


Preventing environmental pollution begins with having the right spill containment solutions in place to capture leaks and spills in your facility. However, in tight, awkward spaces this can prove more difficult. Recognising the need for liquid … [Read more...]

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