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Grip Dri: The loose absorbent you want to take on the road!


If you are transporting liquids, you need to ensure that you carry the correct spill response equipment in your vehicle that is essential for compliance with ADR regulations. In New Pig UK’s previous blog post we looked at PIG® Tanker ADR Spill … [Read more...]

Spill Kits for spill clean up on the roads


In a previous blog article, New Pig UK provided you with some tips to ensure you respond safely and effectively to hazardous liquid spills before, during and after transport. Read the story here: However, it’s important to … [Read more...]

Tips for Responding to Spills on the Road

5ADRtips (2)

In the UK, several million journeys with GB registered vehicles transporting dangerous goods take place annually Before, during and after transport spillages of hazardous materials could have the potential to cause injury to the … [Read more...]

Optimise the performance of absorbent pads & absorbent rolls in your fight against slips and falls.


Fighting slips and falls in your workplace begins with selecting the correct absorbent pads & absorbent rolls for the different liquids and applications throughout your facility. Follow these 3 tips to help prevent costly slip and falls in … [Read more...]

STOP! Don’t pour liquids until you have implemented these 5 helpful tips to prevent slip and fall accidents that can occur whilst dispensing liquids.

Pouring Liquids

Liquid spills can happen anytime and anywhere but there are processes within your workplace where the risk of spills happening is increased. Think about when you are dispensing and transferring liquids from storage containers. How many times have you … [Read more...]

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