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What do a PIG® Mat, a PIG® Elephant Mat and a PIG® RHINO™ Absorbent Mat have in common?


What’s in a name? A lot actually! New Pig customers know we like our funny names – starting with our own company name. OINK OINK! The first product invented by New Pig had the interesting & memorable name of PIG® Absorbent Sock. Today, … [Read more...]

Meet John — aka Absorba the Leak in our series of WILL IT ABSORB Videos.


Ever wondered if PIG® Mat will absorb a certain liquid? It’s a common question we get asked so we decided to create a video series to answer your questions about chemical compatibility of New Pig absorbents. John, our Distribution and Quality … [Read more...]

Dangers that can floor you and your employees.


Liquids are stored and used in multiple processes throughout your facility. With this comes the increased risk of dangerous leaks and spills, which have the potential to reach work floors and pose a slip hazard to employees. Keeping in mind that … [Read more...]

Absorbency and walk on strength make for one tough PIG® Elephant Mat!


Since inventing PIG® Mat in 1986, New Pig absorbent mats have come a long way. PIG® absorbent mats have been stitched, scored, treated and printed to fit a variety of applications that our customers requested to tackle their most difficult leak and … [Read more...]

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