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7 Steps to Spill Response to help you prevent slip and fall injuries


Nearly 11,000 major slip and fall accidents are recorded each year  In order to work hard to reduce this number it is essential to develop a comprehensive Spill Response Strategy which will not only help you protect your … [Read more...]

Inside Tips on Getting the Most Value from Absorbent Pads & Rolls


With today’s economic conditions, all of us are looking for ways to stretch the pounds we spend a bit more. Whether it’s at home with our weekly shopping or at work with our department spending budgets, the focus is on getting the most value from … [Read more...]

Defy gravity! Reduce slip and fall accidents by diverting roof leaks.


Slip and fall accidents are the single most common cause of major injury in the UK workplace according to the Health and Safety Executive It is important to eliminate the risk of accidents by developing ways in your workplace … [Read more...]

Meet Maureen–one of the stars of our Day in the Life Series

Pigger Maureen

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall somewhere? New Pig UK’s most recent video campaign takes you inside the walls of New Pig to experience a day in the life of our hard working Piggers, beginning with the Customer … [Read more...]

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