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The Role of Education in the Workplace


  Where would we all be without education? This doesn’t stop when you leave school or university. Throughout your working life education is the key to your success, after all you wouldn’t be able to do your job if you weren’t shown the … [Read more...]

Packaging of Spill Kits Improves Spill Response

Spill Kits should be organised for fast spill response.

Do you ever just want something where you need it when you need it? Sifting through mounds of packaging and other contents to find what you need at the bottom can be frustrating. Think how long it would take to respond to a spill if this was the case … [Read more...]

Spill Kits and PPE: Why you could be putting your employees at risk.

Using the wrong PPE could be a costly mistake!

  So, you’ve done the hard work and carried out your risk assessment to identify the spill kit you need for the different spill areas in your facility. You’ve made sure the contents are compatible with the liquids you are working with and … [Read more...]

Need Extreme Absorbency in your Absorbent Mat Pads? Meet PIG® Blue Mat!

PIG BLUE® Absorbent Mat

Developing innovative new products to help our customers tackle their tough leak and spill problems is at the heart of everything we do. Customers asked for a super absorbent mat so we set out on a journey to make one. In our Absorbatory, the team … [Read more...]

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