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Slips and Falls in the Workplace – Part 1

Eliminating Slips and Falls in the Workplace

Part 1 – Cost to businesses We've all seen those TV adverts where an actor unconvincingly re-enacts a workplace slip or fall, and then encourages us to take legal action. The amateurish look of the ads may be amusing to the casual viewer. But … [Read more...]

How a Sock became a Pig

PIG® Original Sock

If there’s one question we get more than any other it’s  “How come you’re called New Pig?” People ask us that all the time. “How do you have such a cool name?” they say. “Why aren’t you called something boring like Integrated … [Read more...]

Mat Over Clay

PIG® Universal Mat beats Clay

Here at New Pig we definitely believe that clay has had its day. There was a time when clay granules were the only way to deal with hazardous leaks and spills. There was nothing else available. You had no choice. It was clay or … [Read more...]

PIG Mat in action at the Korean F1 Grand Prix

New Pig at F1 Grand Prix

We spotted something amazing this weekend, the New Pig Mat being used at the Korean F1 Grand Prix. Being part of this elite sport doesn’t get more special. We’re always on the look-out for our products in different places around the world. If … [Read more...]

New Pig UK goes Social!

New Pig UK

At New Pig, we recognise that your world can be a messy place.  We also appreciate that it can be a fun, clean and rewarding environment. That is why we got into this business, to help keep the messes under control and promote clean, safe and … [Read more...]

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